Complete Your Project With the Right Exterior Painters

Your home's exterior paint job is one of the first things that anyone notices when they see your property. You want to make a good first impression, but painting a house isn't an easy task. Without the help of a reliable exterior painting service, your home won't get the paint job that it needs, so check out this guide on finding qualified exterior painters in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, and Atlantic counties in NJ.

What Are the Benefits of Exterior Painting Services?


Not only does a fresh coat of paint look good, but it can also protect your home. Houses with old, chipping paint are more susceptible to pests, moisture, wind, and sun damage. A professional paint job will keep termites and other bugs at bay while also preserving your home's structural integrity, so a fresh coat of paint is a small investment that can save you a ton of money on repairs down the line.

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Compliance With Neighborhood Standards

Most HOAs expect members' homes to be extremely presentable. Even the slightest signs of chipping and fading can result in massive fines. A reputable exterior painting company will bring your home up to your neighborhood's standards so that you can remain in good standing with your HOA.

Property Value

Curb appeal significantly affects the value of your home. When someone sees a house with a paint job that looks old and weathered, they assume that the homeowner has neglected the interior as well. In turn, even if your home is structurally sound and has plenty of marketable features, prospective buyers won't want to pay a fair price for it. A beautiful exterior paint job doesn't cost much, but it will allow you to sell your house for a much higher price.

Do You Need To Hire a Professional?

Painting a house isn't easy. Exterior painters have to spend several hours on ladders to properly coat every square inch of your home. If you try to paint your home on your own, then you face a high risk of injury, and you likely won't be satisfied with the end result. Hiring a professional exterior painting service is the best way to minimize your personal liability and end up with an exterior paint job that you can be proud of.

What Are the Qualities of a Trustworthy Exterior Painting Company?

You can't hire just any exterior painters for your project. The wrong painters can damage your property, make your home look sloppy, waste your time, disturb your neighbors, and cause all kinds of problems. You're putting your money and property on the line, so you should only work with a company that has the following qualities.

Free Estimate

You need to know what to expect before you spend any money. Trustworthy exterior painters will happily give you a quote and explain the costs that go into the project. You have nothing to lose by exploring your options, so you should reach out to the most reliable painters in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, and Atlantic counties today for a free estimate.

Proper Licenses and Insurance

A high percentage of contractors in New Jersey don't have any licenses or insurance. Your insurance company will not pay for damages if you hire unlicensed exterior painters. If a contractor doesn't have insurance, then they probably will not have the funds to cover any damages to your home resulting from shoddy workmanship. Moreover, you may even be liable if an uninsured contractor's crew members get injured on your property. You deserve recourse for bad work, and you don't want to be at the wrong end of a lawsuit, so you should only hire painters with the right licenses and insurance to operate in New Jersey.

Background Checks on All Personnel

The average exterior painting project can take a few days to complete. If a bunch of strangers are going to be on your property for a while, then you need to be sure that they are trustworthy and safe to be around. The right exterior painting services run extensive background checks on their exterior painters so that clients don't have to worry about any criminals or sketchy people on their property.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

A good painting company can stand by its work. The exterior painters at T. Whitaker Painting want clients to be happy when the project is finished, so they provide a two-year warranty on all of their projects. If you're not happy with your exterior paint job, then the best painters in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, and Atlantic counties in NJ will do everything in their power to make it right.

Skilled Painters

Many homeowners ask themselves, "Why is it so hard to find competent painters near me?" Unfortunately, countless property owners in Ocean, Monmouth, Burlington, and Atlantic counties in NJ have wasted time and lost money with fly-by-night scammers and amateur exterior painting services that hire unqualified personnel. Good painting companies use the latest equipment and only hire experienced painters in order to provide clients with the best possible finished product.

Find the Right Exterior Painters for Your Project

Hiring painters to work on your house is a big deal. Homeowners don't want to deal with scams, unprofessional painters, or low-quality workmanship. You should only work with a company that you can trust, so if you want to revitalize your home's exterior, then you need to call or email T. Whitaker Painting as soon as possible to find out how they can help.