Cabinet Painting

A cabinet painting project is the perfect way to transform your home in Ocean County NJ, but it is not a project that you should tackle on your own. By repainting your kitchen, bathroom or home office cabinets, you could introduce a new color into the space that can add brightness, drama or other elements. Repainting also gives you the benefit of new cabinets without the expense After the project is complete, your space will take on a renewed look that you are proud to show off to friends and neighbors. However, this project is often messier and more complicated than many homeowners realize. Our pros at T. Whitaker Painting are ready to create the beautiful, transformational results that you are dreaming about.

Why Choose Our Professional Cabinet Painting Services

To enjoy long-lasting, flawless results, the process of repainting cabinets requires multiple steps. For example, before painting the cabinets, special steps should be taken to protect surrounding surfaces, materials and personal items from damage. Our painters respect our customers’ properties, and we take every step possible to prevent splatters, drips and other issues while we work. After preparing the work area, the cabinets should be sanded and cleaned before being painted. Sanding prepares the surface so that the primer and paint can adhere properly. Typically, all of the cabinet doors and drawers are removed and labeled to ensure they are replaced in the proper location. Once the cabinets have been properly prepared, primer is required to ensure smooth, even paint coverage. Then 2-3 coats of finish paint are applied. You understandably want your cabinets to take on a like-new appearance. Our experienced cabinet painters never cut corners and always deliver the results that our customers expect.

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Quality Paints and Supplies

Whether you intend to update your kitchen, bathrooms or home office cabinetry, you want the results to last. Our professional painters exclusively use high-grade paints and quality supplies for all of our projects. Cabinetry is often heavily used, so the paint must be durable enough to hold up well to such extensive use over time. After all, the last thing that you want is for the cabinets to start looking drab and require another fresh application of paint soon. Through our extensive experience with cabinet painting, our painters have deep knowledge of proven application techniques, and this enables us to do amazing work while also completing your home improvement project as soon as possible. We know that you do not want your home to be a work zone for longer than necessary, and we assure you that we will not stop working until the entire project has been completed and you are completely satisfied with our workmanship.

Licensed and Insured Painting Professionals

Our customers expect the best for their homes, and we focus on all aspects of customer satisfaction. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction, all of our projects are exclusively completed by our own vetted professionals. We maintain the highest standards during the hiring process, so you are assured that only skilled, trustworthy painters will work in your home when you hire us to do the job. Our cabinet painters are professional tradesmen who take great pride in doing their best work each day. In addition, our company is licensed and insured, and we are happy to provide documentation upon request. You can rest assured that you will love the way your cabinets look, and we proudly stand behind this statement by providing a 2-year warranty on all painting jobs that we complete.

Your Cabinet Painting Specialists in Ocean County NJ

Our painting specialists have been serving customers throughout the area since 1987. We are a family-owned and operated company that focuses on providing personalized, friendly service to each customer. To date, we have painted more than 8,000 homes over the years, and we are honored to have the opportunity to create the transformation that you want to see. From our focus on quality and customer service to the solid reputation for excellence that we have worked hard to maintain over the years, you can count on us to do great work in your home. Do you have other painting projects in mind? We are a full-service painting company that offers interior and exterior services throughout the community.

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Our cabinet painters at T. Whitaker Painting want to learn more about your plans to update your kitchen and bathrooms. We provide each customer with a free estimate for their project, and we will get the work done on time and on budget. During an initial consultation, we can also answer your questions and assist with color selection. To request a consultation with our cabinet painting team, contact us today.